Solnhofen Natural Stone

There is a big difference between using natural stone products and using synthetic. The Solnhofen Natural Stone, is a stone of high density and uniformity.It is distinguished by its naturalness and its excellent structural characteristics. It is totally radiation-free as compared to some granites and slates, no fogging, like some artificial stones.

Colours of Solnhofen Natural Stone

The Natural Stone from Solnhofen is light and color-fast,the stone is slip resistant making it appropriate for bathrooms. It is available;you can select the type you want ; if you prefer floor and wall tiles, free natural shapes,so called Crazy Paving and tiles with hand-cut edges. It comes in four colors; fossil stone,green stone, beige,gray and melange and Bavarian gold.

This material is a first class building medium. Durability,uniqueness, individuality. its color and history are probably the most used reasons for using it for any construction projects around the home. Whether you are renovating your kitchen,bathroom or outdoor walk,using Solnhofen Natural Stone will have a product to meet your needs.The following characteristics are evident in this product;

  • Surface evenness
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Harmonic color play
  • Quarry rough surface
  • Timelessness
  • Finishes are unique especially the quarry rough surface)
  • Good heat storage capacity
  • Fine graininess and high density
  • Easy cleanability

Surface of Solnhofen Natural Stone

This natural stone can be used in quarry rough,brushed,slightly honed, honed,polished, and tumbled(antique) surface. The customer can request further production to special edges or calibration to a uniform thickness. The “fossil stone” has enjoyed cult status over the centuries. When fossils were found within the stone, using this stone added to people’s knowledge of the planets flora, fauna and living creatures.

It is the world’s most famous stone, Solnhofen Natural Stone. The name comes from the medium sized village of Solnhofen which has a quarry from which limestone had been mined by hand for centuries. They are committed to mining the limestone the same way it has been mined since Roman times, causing as little damage to the environment as possible.

From Roman times, when Solnhofer disks and flags were used in building construction. It consists of Jurassic limestone, which it turned out was especially good for underfloor heating due to their thermal conductivity. Limestone, unlike marble or granite does not contain any harmful substances. It is one of the hardest lime stones worldwide.

Limestone is also used in art and design matters. Tiles, slabs and vases and some of the world’s famous lithographs were made of Solnhofer slabs. Additionally roof tiles and cladding are made of this natural stone and generally numerous everyday items are made with this limestone, which is more than a normal natural stone.

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