Solnhofen Natural Stone – Timeless Elegance

Although many other structural materials have been used, natural stone has been the top choice in building materials for thousands of years. What remains of any of these ancient structures now? The ones erected in stone, of course. From Egyptian pyramids and Greek colonnades, to the walls of stone cities such as Petra and the slightly more modern Gothic Cathedrals, only natural stone structures have withstood the ravages of time. Their beauty and eminence still attests the wisdom and perfection of their builders.

Solnhofen Natural Stone implements such builders. Affirming that the same wisdom and foresight applies today, should you choose to utilize it. Solnhofen Natural Stone structures are unparalleled in their timeless beauty and exceptional durability. The history of this stone speaks for itself.

The Natural Choice- Solnhofen Natural Stone

First used by the Romans, who prized this beauty, elegance, and durability, Solnholfen Natural Stone limestone has been used in churches, cathedrals, castles, and other structures throughout Europe for centuries. Now, it is used extensively in many modern commercial and residential applications.

An old world tradition of craftsmanship is kept vibrant and alive in the very quarrying of this stone. This requires such a special touch because of the stone’s ancient and unique composition Solnhofen Natural Stone is quarried by these artisans using the same techniques and exquisite craftsmanship of their forebears. This contributes greatly to Solnhofen Natural Stone’s reputation as a world renowned building material. Solnhofen is prized for its elegance and durability.

Great quality

Solnhofen Stones are quarried manually and are available in a variety of colors. Despite the manual quarrying, these are still held to the same quality standard, and the great attention to detail is evident in structures produced with them. Solnhofen Natural Stone is the choice of discerning builders across the globe.

Other applications

The fossil natural stone has been and still is used by great artisans to this day. It’s use in lithography is world renowned. Plates made from this limestone can be used repeatedly to create great works of art, and many old lithographic plates are still in use to this day.

Solnholfen Natural Stone is the stone of choice in many applications. In structural use, its quality, flexibility, functionality, durability, and timeless subtle beauty are unsurpassed. It is the supreme choice of fine builders around the world, and will continue to  hold and display these qualities for centuries to come. From small renovations and artistic applications, to large installations and commercial structures – come and see what lasting monuments of style and beauty Solnhofen Natural Stone can erect for you today.

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