Design your home with Solnhofen limestone

You have designed your home with natural decor, but you have one more item to complete the look: you need to update the flooring throughout the public areas like your entry hall, pool surroundings, and walkways.

Consider Solnhofen limestone!

In case you do not know where to start, consider Solnhofen limestone for your project. Solnhofen stone comes from a region of Bavaria by the same name and is quarried for use in exterior patio brick work, custom and designer planters and seating, along with interior design. Universities and museums alike also look for Solnhofen stone because the process to create it began during the dinosaur age and as such, many fossil slabs have been uncovered during the extraction process.

Solnhofen limestone colours

Solnhofen limestone comes in various colors and shades, including beige, gray, melange, along with green and gold tints. The beige, gray, and melange stone comes from the deeper regions of the quarry in the fossil layers and offers you the best option for customizing.

Rather than slab cuts, greenstone Solnhofen comes in block form and offers you three-dimentional options should you decide to build out stone walls, steps, and more; finish for greenstone includes flamed, flame-brushed, and honed.

Gold tint stone is often quarried in larger slabs, making it a great option for facade work and is also a good choice for cold weather environments. You can get it in rough, sanded, polished, or honed finish; Solnhofen also offers honed brushed and sanded brushed finishes as well for its gold tint limestone.

For a slip-resistant flooring option, you can choose quarry rough, slightly honed, or matte-polished fossilstone. Fossilstone comes in various thicknesses and can be calibrated to a uniform thickness to meet your needs. Your fossilstone layers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and you do not have to worry about slips or falls near your pool area because its strength favors granite while its texture allows for proper grip.

No matter what sort of limestone application you need for your home, find it through Solnhofen.

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