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Solnhofen Stone


When choosing the material for your home or business, there is none more beautiful and practical than Solnhofen Natural Stone. The stone that we now harvest was mined from the same area over 2000 years ago by the Romans , and is still available and mined for many different purposes including your floor and walls, columns, facades both indoor and out, and for other uses limited only by the buyer’s imagination. Solnhofen Natural Stone is a heavily stratified stone that is superior in it’s texture and beauty. It is still worked by hand to help retain it’s natural elegance. When used in floor tiles, it is slip resistant, abrasion resistant, and radiation free.

Jura Limestone

is another excellent purchase, and it can be used together with our natural stone in many of your projects. Jura limestone is also a natural limestone from quarries in the Bavaria region of South Germany. It is available in shades of grey, blue grey and shades of beige. It owes it’s interesting texture and dimensions to bits of fossils embedded in the stone. How prominent the fossil matter is depends largely on the finish used. A Polished glossy finish will highlight all of the fossil bits and show the incredible texture and colors throughout. This is used primarily for floor coverings, stone work and coverings. A Honed finish yields less shine and presents less variation, but still retains the grey to beige color. This is often used for exterior cladding, coverings, and garden decorations. A Brushed and Sandblasted finish gives a slightly less uniform appearance , and is a little lighter but still retains color. This is often used for exterior flooring, coverings and stone work. Our Stone comes in square plates of 60cm.x60cm x 1cm., rectangular plates 40 cm. x 60cm x 1cm. , also baseboard plates of 60cm. x 10cm. x1cm. and can be ordered in custom sizing. Both Jura Limestone and our Solnhofen Tiles are available in a wide spectrum of colors and textures . Jura Limestone comes in 1 meter thick raw blocks that can then be hewn to create plates for flooring . It comes in 16 shades and textures, which ensures that there is one that will fit your custom project, and will enhance your style and taste.

Applications of Solnhofen Stone

When partnered with our Solnhofen Natural Stone , both Tiles and Jura Limestone create a winning trio for all of your stone needs. Solnhofen Natural Stone also offers our clients a wide range of supplies such as thin bed glue, mid-bed glue, thick bed mortar, grouting supplies, sealants, and primer.

We, specialist for Solnhofen Natural Stone, also offer an information kit that is available for order at our website contact. Our aim is to not only offer our clients a versatile and beautiful product, but superior customer satisfaction as well.

Upgrade Your Home with Natural Stone

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, you really have dozens of different options available, even when it comes to the countertop and floor material. If you want the best of the best and something that truly increases the overall value of the home, natural stone is the way to go. Natural stone just has a beautiful appearance to it and gives you something you are not going to find anywhere else and in any other kind of material. Now, with all of the different kinds of natural stone out there, you might not know what to go with, but both marble and granite provide beautiful looks that go with any color palette so you never have to worry about the look of your current furnishings.

Granite and Marble on Any Budget

Depending on what your budget is, natural stone is able to work with how much you want to spend. This is because even if you are set on granite, there are several different options that help open up what you can buy. Having a single granite piece really is beautiful and can be the center point of your kitchen. However, if you want to cut down on the price tag, you can go for granite sections, instead of a full piece, and the price tag is able to come down with it. Even if you decide to split up your countertop with a built-in cutting board, you are able to a way to separate the countertop or flooring and still save money while you showcase the beautiful, natural stone.

Increase Home Value with Natural Stone

If you think you might ever even consider selling the home, you want to make sure and invest in material that is able to beautify your house and also increase the value. There really is no other material you can utilize in the kitchen or bathroom like natural stone. Potential home buyers want to see high-end material inside of the kitchen and bathroom, so when they see the granite, marble or other variations of stone, your home is immediately going to jump towards the top of their potential list, as not everyone else is going to invest in this kind of an upgrade. With the stone, you can enjoy the benefits of the beautiful look and reap the rewards later, should you ever decide to sell your beautiful home.

Solnhofen Natural Stone

There is a big difference between using natural stone products and using synthetic. The Solnhofen Natural Stone, is a stone of high density and uniformity.It is distinguished by its naturalness and its excellent structural characteristics. It is totally radiation-free as compared to some granites and slates, no fogging, like some artificial stones.

Colours of Solnhofen Natural Stone

The Natural Stone from Solnhofen is light and color-fast,the stone is slip resistant making it appropriate for bathrooms. It is available;you can select the type you want ; if you prefer floor and wall tiles, free natural shapes,so called Crazy Paving and tiles with hand-cut edges. It comes in four colors; fossil stone,green stone, beige,gray and melange and Bavarian gold.

This material is a first class building medium. Durability,uniqueness, individuality. its color and history are probably the most used reasons for using it for any construction projects around the home. Whether you are renovating your kitchen,bathroom or outdoor walk,using Solnhofen Natural Stone will have a product to meet your needs.The following characteristics are evident in this product;

  • Surface evenness
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Harmonic color play
  • Quarry rough surface
  • Timelessness
  • Finishes are unique especially the quarry rough surface)
  • Good heat storage capacity
  • Fine graininess and high density
  • Easy cleanability

Surface of Solnhofen Natural Stone

This natural stone can be used in quarry rough,brushed,slightly honed, honed,polished, and tumbled(antique) surface. The customer can request further production to special edges or calibration to a uniform thickness. The “fossil stone” has enjoyed cult status over the centuries. When fossils were found within the stone, using this stone added to people’s knowledge of the planets flora, fauna and living creatures.

It is the world’s most famous stone, Solnhofen Natural Stone. The name comes from the medium sized village of Solnhofen which has a quarry from which limestone had been mined by hand for centuries. They are committed to mining the limestone the same way it has been mined since Roman times, causing as little damage to the environment as possible.

From Roman times, when Solnhofer disks and flags were used in building construction. It consists of Jurassic limestone, which it turned out was especially good for underfloor heating due to their thermal conductivity. Limestone, unlike marble or granite does not contain any harmful substances. It is one of the hardest lime stones worldwide.

Limestone is also used in art and design matters. Tiles, slabs and vases and some of the world’s famous lithographs were made of Solnhofer slabs. Additionally roof tiles and cladding are made of this natural stone and generally numerous everyday items are made with this limestone, which is more than a normal natural stone.

What is Solnhofen Stone ?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to natural stone products. You have the choice of granite, quartz, marble, and Solnhofen natural stone, to name a few. Learning a little bit about each product can help you make the decision about what is best for you. For many, however, granite, quartz, and marble are a little more well-known than Solnhofen stone. This article will explain what Solnhofen stone is, and what colors and types are available. All the information will lead you to the conclusion that Solnhofen stone is the right choice for your next flooring project, indoors or out.

What is Solnhofen Stone?

It is a natural stone product that is comprised of homogeneity and high density stone. According to the Marble Institute of America, it is a Grade A natural stone product used for tile flooring, walls, and outdoor patios and walkways. Unlike granite, this natural stone product is free from radiation and does not ‘sweat’ like artificial stone materials. In addition, the stones themselves are lightweight and durable, and are slip-resistant, making them the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchen where spills tend to happen that make floors slippery.

What Types are Available?

There are three different types of Solnhofen stone you can choose from. Machine-cut plates are uniform, which make the stones a great option for flooring and walls, especially if you want a more uniformed tiled look. On the other hand, you can choose naturally shaped stones, which are referred to as ‘crazy paving’ and are available in different sizes and shapes. This option is often used for outdoor patios and walkways, providing a more natural appearance. The third option are tiles that are hand cut. Although not as naturally shaped as the crazy paving, they are more rough-cut than those cut by hand. This gives you a combination of very natural flooring with a slightly uniformed appearance.

What Colors are Available?

Solnhofen stone is only available in the colors made in nature. The colors are more neutral, appearing in various shades of browns, tans, beiges, grays, and whites. Unlike artificial or lab-created stone tiles, these stones arrive in their natural state, in the color they were meant to have according to nature. With that said, the colors that are available lend themselves to a variety of different designs from modern and rustic to country and contemporary.

What Care and Maintenance is Required?

Much like other natural stone products, it is important that you have your Solnhofen stone tiles sealed during the installation process. Once the stones are installed, you will need to conduct proper care and maintenance to keep the from becoming damaged by normal wear and tear. When cleaning your stone tiles, whether you use them on the walls, floors, or outdoors, it is important that you do not use acidic cleaners, or those that contain alkaline ingredients. These cleaning products can cause etching, bleaching, or other types of damage to the stone. It is recommended that you use a mild dish detergent and a soft cloth or mop to clean up spills, and for routine daily care.

There are some unique differences in Solnhofen stone that you will not find with any other stone flooring material, whether natural or artificial. The colors are developed by nature, and the cuts provide you with the most natural looking flooring option available. The stone is durable, slip-resistant, due to its natural rough texture, and provides your home with a unique, one-of-a-kind flooring option. Whether you are designing a bathroom, a kitchen, or an outdoor space, choose Solnhofen Stone for your next project.

Solnhofen Natural Stone – Timeless Elegance

Although many other structural materials have been used, natural stone has been the top choice in building materials for thousands of years. What remains of any of these ancient structures now? The ones erected in stone, of course. From Egyptian pyramids and Greek colonnades, to the walls of stone cities such as Petra and the slightly more modern Gothic Cathedrals, only natural stone structures have withstood the ravages of time. Their beauty and eminence still attests the wisdom and perfection of their builders.

Solnhofen Natural Stone implements such builders. Affirming that the same wisdom and foresight applies today, should you choose to utilize it. Solnhofen Natural Stone structures are unparalleled in their timeless beauty and exceptional durability. The history of this stone speaks for itself.

The Natural Choice- Solnhofen Natural Stone

First used by the Romans, who prized this beauty, elegance, and durability, Solnholfen Natural Stone limestone has been used in churches, cathedrals, castles, and other structures throughout Europe for centuries. Now, it is used extensively in many modern commercial and residential applications.

An old world tradition of craftsmanship is kept vibrant and alive in the very quarrying of this stone. This requires such a special touch because of the stone’s ancient and unique composition Solnhofen Natural Stone is quarried by these artisans using the same techniques and exquisite craftsmanship of their forebears. This contributes greatly to Solnhofen Natural Stone’s reputation as a world renowned building material. Solnhofen is prized for its elegance and durability.

Great quality

Solnhofen Stones are quarried manually and are available in a variety of colors. Despite the manual quarrying, these are still held to the same quality standard, and the great attention to detail is evident in structures produced with them. Solnhofen Natural Stone is the choice of discerning builders across the globe.

Other applications

The fossil natural stone has been and still is used by great artisans to this day. It’s use in lithography is world renowned. Plates made from this limestone can be used repeatedly to create great works of art, and many old lithographic plates are still in use to this day.

Solnholfen Natural Stone is the stone of choice in many applications. In structural use, its quality, flexibility, functionality, durability, and timeless subtle beauty are unsurpassed. It is the supreme choice of fine builders around the world, and will continue to  hold and display these qualities for centuries to come. From small renovations and artistic applications, to large installations and commercial structures – come and see what lasting monuments of style and beauty Solnhofen Natural Stone can erect for you today.

Design your home with Solnhofen limestone

You have designed your home with natural decor, but you have one more item to complete the look: you need to update the flooring throughout the public areas like your entry hall, pool surroundings, and walkways.

Consider Solnhofen limestone!

In case you do not know where to start, consider Solnhofen limestone for your project. Solnhofen stone comes from a region of Bavaria by the same name and is quarried for use in exterior patio brick work, custom and designer planters and seating, along with interior design. Universities and museums alike also look for Solnhofen stone because the process to create it began during the dinosaur age and as such, many fossil slabs have been uncovered during the extraction process.

Solnhofen limestone colours

Solnhofen limestone comes in various colors and shades, including beige, gray, melange, along with green and gold tints. The beige, gray, and melange stone comes from the deeper regions of the quarry in the fossil layers and offers you the best option for customizing.

Rather than slab cuts, greenstone Solnhofen comes in block form and offers you three-dimentional options should you decide to build out stone walls, steps, and more; finish for greenstone includes flamed, flame-brushed, and honed.

Gold tint stone is often quarried in larger slabs, making it a great option for facade work and is also a good choice for cold weather environments. You can get it in rough, sanded, polished, or honed finish; Solnhofen also offers honed brushed and sanded brushed finishes as well for its gold tint limestone.

For a slip-resistant flooring option, you can choose quarry rough, slightly honed, or matte-polished fossilstone. Fossilstone comes in various thicknesses and can be calibrated to a uniform thickness to meet your needs. Your fossilstone layers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and you do not have to worry about slips or falls near your pool area because its strength favors granite while its texture allows for proper grip.

No matter what sort of limestone application you need for your home, find it through Solnhofen.