Solnhofen Limestone

Worlds most famous stone – Solnhofen Limestone. Solnhofen is a medium-sized village , situated on the edge of the nature reserve Altmühltal, Germany, Bavaria.
It almost happened that Solnhofen would have been a side note to the story, but fate decided differently. Because at the edge of the village Solnhofen there is a quarry , which has already become a part of world history for several centuries. There the world`s most famous natural stone called Solnhofen Limestone mined in different tile sizes and surfaces, which pitmen relieve with their hands to this day. The Solnhofen Limestone tiles are not only world famous and a very desirable object of affection. The tiles are something special regarding their structural properties.

Solnhofen Limestone – a special natural stone

Also in ancient Rome Solnhofer flags and disks were used for buidlings. They were found almost throughout the ancient Roman Empire, from Africa to Mainz. But what makes this limestone so special and what distinguishes it from other natural stone panels?
First, Solnhofen Limestone almost consists of Jurassic limestone, exclusively mined in the region around the Bavarian city Solnhofen. This limestone is a rarity and influenced the history since the roman time.
Second, Solnhofen tiles and especially the Solnhofner crazy paving tiles were already used in historic Roman bathrooms as flooring. Because Solnhofen limestone, available as tiles, desks and polygonal plates, also calles Solnhofener crazy paving tiles are extremly suitable for underfloor heating due to their thermal conductivity .
However, the special consistency also allows a significant specification in the other direction : the natural stone of Solnhofen is ideal for thermal insulation. Solnhofen Stone is following not only suitable for floors but also for walls. Solnhofen Stone can also be used not only for the interior design but also for the exterior e.g. as pool curb or for highlighting steps in order to give both interior and exterior a modern mediterranean flair.
And please keep in mind: As mining of Solnhofen Stone is nowadays already done by hand and therefore preserve our fossil raw material, the Solnhofener limestone, in Germany called Solnhofener Platten and in France called Pierre de baviere, is the world`s best natural stone for ecological construction.
But not only in the ecological sense, also for health can Solnhofener Stone be a good investment. Like no other natural stone, marble or granite the Solnhofer Limestone does not contain any harmful substances. Therefore the natural stone from Solnhofen is one of a limited numbers of or even the only natural stone in the world, which is almost free of fogging active substances.
Last but not least, some answers have to be given regarding Solnhofen`s properties. Some people criticize Solnhofen Limestone because of its high share of lime, which follows in their mind to a low stability. Due to experts´ opinions, several studies and material tests Solnhofen limestone can be named as one of the hardest limestones in the world or even the hardest limestone worldwide.
Solnhofen Stone is something special – it is hard like granite or marble and also soft like paper. For this reason Solnhofen Stone is therefore suitable for all constructional measures, processing and refining. Also world´s most famous lithographs were made out of Solnhofener limestone.

Solnhofen Stone – starting from Solnhofen and going to the wide world

Solnhofer slabs are really famous – in a huge number of public and private buildings, but also in art and design matters, a piece of Solnhofen Limestone can be found. Around this world´s most famous limestone, also called Solnhofener Platten or Pierre de baviere, a whole industry has emerged.
Based on this limestone a huge number of different things can be produced e.g. tiles, slabs and vases. Also roof tiles and cladding are made out of this natural stone and generally numerous everyday items are produced with this limestone, which is more than a normal natural stone.

Solnhofen Limestone price and costs

But what are the costs for this special natural stone and is it also affordable for an person with an average salary?The answer regarding the costs for Limestone of Solnhofen is short and simple : yes !

Of course and due to the fact that is handmade Solnhofen natural stone is a little more expensive than similar products with the same features, but however it´s worth to pay this price. Houses, which are equipped with Solnhofener Stone, increase their value already at the starting point. Furthermore this natural stone is even indestructible and provides a lasting value. Houses and other things made of Solnhofen stones are not only more valuable and more attractive, they are also an investment in the sustainability for buyers, users and resellers.
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